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                My name is Kenneth E. Shores. I was Born on May 5,
1932, in Dupont, Indiana. I Served my Country - U. S. Army November 3, 1949 to January 27, 1953. I also served overseas under United Nations July 1950 to January 1953. I am a Disabled Veteran from April 8, 1951.I spent 45 years of education. I worked from laborer to upper management, including International, owned several businesses and traveled over most of the world. Selected to be included as part of 100 selected for 2017 Stratemore"s WHO'S WHO Worldwide distribution. I Started writing this book March 22, 2007 the same day God placed in my mind during my daily devotional time, the beginning, the end, everything I was to write and the title, all in about ten minutes. God is the real author of this book. The book was originally published in December, 2012 for others to experience how GOD is REAL. God's timing regarding this book was delayed for unusual reasons, until Dr. Jeffress, Pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas book "How Can I Know" was published. Dr. Jeffress book address the subject "Is There A God", using facts and good logical reasoning, however "Is There A God" book covers the subject as a person's life story as living proof to the answer of "Is there a GOD". Second edition published June 2015 with name changed to original name given to me. Book increased pages from 301 to 382.  

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