Is There a GOD? How do you know?

All of God’s world is a stage. We are but mere actors playing our role in this thing called life. Some play bit parts and feel insignificant. Others take the lead and impact many. Those behind the scenes may feel unappreciated or unimportant. Without every person fulfilling their role, the show has missing lines and broken stage props, then the audience doesn’t feel the impact they are meant to experience. A successful performance happens when everyone was in the proper place at the proper time. This book is about my life-changing experiences, and my story is divided into two sections. I have called them ‘Act One’ and ‘Act Two’ on purpose. It is my prayer that you find your place on stage, and that you gain much from what I have lived through.
This book is written for you the reader.  You will identify with my many trials and challenges in life and how God intervened to changed me.  My travels through life and all over the world has many stories that may help you now and in the future.  The answer to the title is made very clear and can remove any doubt about God.  Enjoy the excitement as you read this book and benefit from what you read.

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