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      "Is There a God? How Do You Know?" is a touching reflection of its author, Ken Shores. Ken has lived a life ofmulti-paths that have included everything from military service to thecorporate world to humanitarianism. Through all of the facets of his life, histriumphs and tragedies, I have never known his faith to waiver. He eloquentlyreveals this in his book, which is by far one of the greatest testimonials Ihave ever read.
      I arrived home one evening mentally and physically exhausted, and to my surprise, there was a preview book in my mailbox. I sat down with the book, "Is There a God? How Do You Know? and I didn't stop reading until I had finished the book. I felt God had sent this to my doorstop just when I needed it. This year has been very stressful with a series of struggles. I had just decided I couldn't do anymore and needed to turn my problems over to God. My struggles have continued over the last few months, and when I see the book on the coffee table, I'll pick it up and won't stop reading until I have finished it again. This is an outstanding collection of inspiring stories and has been a great comfort to me.                

  --Mary Jean Eisenhower; Kansas City,        MO, USA

    As an editor, I have never been more excited to offer the collection of stories my brother lived. He is eleven years older than me, and I never knew the struggles he faced almost on a daily basis. The years that separated us kept me from knowing what a great brother I had until I began working on his story. God was instrumental in putting all of the right parts into place to produce what I hope is an inspiration to everyone who reads it. I know it has inspired me in ways I had not anticipated, and I thank God for such a wonderful, loving big brother.      

 --- Norma Schmatt; Cedar Rapids, IA

     My dear friend and mentor, Kenneth Shores, has assembled herein, a true-to-life perspective of God as our friend, constant companion, and Heavenly Parent/Father. Ken demonstrates how, despite the challenges of earthly life, God never fails: ever watchful, ever Loving, ever real.         

  --- Alice Scott, Editor, Award-winning       Author; CEO Blue River Publishing, Inc.;    Colorado Springs, CO

  -- Mark McCord, Performer and Director

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      I am excited about Kenneth Shores' new book Is There A God? How Do You Know? Everyone who wants to be assured of the reality and love of God should read this wonderful volume.          
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--- Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor; First Baptist Church; Dallas, TX


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